Dream Team Launch

The NFT Unicorn KDB Dream Team Launch Todays NFT Drops

A unique collection of pixel art of the best football players in the world, with holders of this NFT being rewarded.With the supply of 100 at launch and min price at 0.001ETH
For more info check their Roadmap in discord

Phase 1: Launch
All the NFTs on the collection will be launched on the Open Sea marketplace at a price of 0.01ETH. The NFT collection will have rarities so the rare items will later go for a much higher price.

Phase 2:What after the launch?

For every big milestone that we will hit on volume traded on Open Sea for example 0.5ETH, 1ETH, 2ETH and so going on we will organize giveaways and airdrop to those who own Dream Team NFT. The giveaway won’t run away from our football-driven art that’s why the rewards will be copies of FIFA22, jerseys, football games streaming services depending on the choice of the winner.
Giveaways won’t happen only on milestones but also on special occasions that occur with those in the football world
Also for our active community, NFT airdrops shouldn’t come as a surprise because the most active ones will be rewarded.

For those who like to collect
We consider NFT collectors to be a big part of our community that’s why those who like to collect will be rewarded. Every holder of 4 Dream Team NFT, that contains players that play now for the same team, will be rewarded a fifth one for free

Phase 3 The Merch

If the project grows and success happens as planned we won’t stop, but this time the content will be turned into real-world merch with the rarest NFTs having the upper hand by starting first. That will turn our NFT even more popular as we will sell T-shirts, caps, hoodies, cups, etc…

Also, NFTs are meant for the digital world so following the success of our real-world merch we will create our merch ready for the Metaverse, with holders being able to take a part of the profit from the sales of our digital merch.

In conclusion, a part of our earnings will go back to the holders and community.

Source: NFT Evening