Do you seek to quench your Metathirst?

The NFT Unicorn 4cans Do you seek to quench your Metathirst? Todays NFT Drops

51 Pieces for 0.07 ETH

We are building the first beverage brand in the metaverse.
Unique Handmade Meta-Beverage-Cans.
They rotate 🔄
They sparkle ✨
They make you feel good 😌

This special NFT collection is part of the Decentraland Cansy-Club. We host regularly events and concerts. With these NFTs you will get VIP access to your favourite DJs, bands and artists. On saturday the 29.01.2022 at 10pm we will celebrate our grand opening in our Decentraland Club at coordinates: -26, -125. You are invited and maybe there will be some free drinks 😉


About Cansy:
I began as a brand designer but transitioned quite rapidly to more artistic expressions of design and art. With the upcoming NFT technology, I am finally able to treat my digital creations like physical pieces of art with a signature.

By limiting myself to a beverage can as my model, I am trying to push the borders of my creativity. Intentionally creating a repetitive process in which my mind can flow more freely exploring the not so obvious.

My inspiration I draw out of the current pop culture, like videogames, movies, popular brands, and of course crypto…
…maybe even some Andy Warhol 😉

The goal is to make my creations interactive in the Metaverse because I believe Virtual Reality will be a much bigger part of our life soon. Shaping the future for crypto native generations to come.

NFTs give an artist the unique opportunity to create meaningful bonds with their collectors worldwide. It is much easier to imagine spaces for true believers in you and your art where they can interact and network together, by owning an NFT.

My favorite thing about the NFT community is the positive vibe. Everyone is full of energy, supportive, and inspired. We are learning and growing together. Quickly building bonds within a space that is so dynamic like the price of Bitcoin, a space that didn’t even exist a couple of months ago.
Love it!


In future Neuralink compatible 🧠⚡️Experience a new impossible taste through your brain implants.

Stay Hydrated ✨🥤🤤

Source: NFT Evening