Blockchain Crusaders Mint

The NFT Unicorn Promo_Gif Blockchain Crusaders Mint Todays NFT Drops

Blockchain Crusaders is an NFT collection launching on the Harmony Blockchain with incredible hand-drawn Anime artwork! This team is passionate about bringing the Anime and crypto communities closer together by providing high quality generative PFP NFTs that can be used on a multitude of different social media. The project aims to foster membership involvement through voting tokens that members can use to vote on the top 100 Crypto Currencies of their choice being featured on the NFTs.

Each Blockchain Crusader NFT is unique in over 100 different Characteristics that spans over many categories, making each mint an original one of a kind. A community-based decision-making mechanism that puts owners in the driver’s seat of a fluid future for the project! This project has a unique minting approach that segments the minting process into 10 different events. Each event with 10 new crypto currencies being featured totaling your 100 favorite cryptocurrencies. On the Harmony Blockchain it’s both affordable for people minting and it’s more energy conscious than networks like Ethereum.

Exclusive experiences and rewards will be offered to future holders of the Blockchain Crusaders. Whitelisting opportunities and giveaways can be found at their inclusive and welcoming discord– where Anime and Crypto have never been married in a more beautiful way. The growing project can be found on Instagram (Blockchain_Crusaders) and Twitter (@CrusadersNFT). This is a project with a true community and vision for a bright future on the Harmony Blockchain.

Initial mint supply: 1,000 initial mint supply
NFT Price: ONE ~ $200
Mint date: ~ January 29th GMT/UTC

Source: NFT Evening