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The NFT Unicorn Second-Skin-Metamorphosis-NFT-Drop ALTAVA Group's Second Skin: Metamorphosis - OpenSea Todays NFT Drops

Metaverse company ALTAVA group is launching Second Skin: Metamorphosis NFT collection as part of its vision to deliver high-fidelity fashion branded assets. This drop marks the start of the Singapore-based company with an active presence in South Korea’s move to bring culture-defining fashion brands into the metaverse.

About Second Skin: Metamorphosis

Second Skin: Metamorphosis is a collection of 6,765 NFTs featuring unique and rendered 3D avatars. The characters reflect the symbiotic relationship we have with the environment. The website described the theme as an “intertwine between nature and luxury fashion in the metaverse.”

Owning a Second Skin: Metamorphosis NFT will unlock exclusive perks and privileges. The community-only features include access to exclusive luxury collaboration NFT drops and using your avatar in other virtual worlds. Then, the team teased that they would reveal the benefits over time.

Moreover, portions of proceeds from sales will be donated to a foundation that the community will nominate.

NFT Staking

After the public sale, NFT holders will receive TAVA tokens as a reward or NFT Airdrop opportunity. Here’s the highlight of the staking mechanism and the computation of the Annual Percentage Yield (APY):

  • The floor price of the NFT will be based on Dutch Auction’s last public minting price. Meanwhile, the initial APY is 60%.
  • Condition: 3 months Locked pool
  • For example, 1 ETH (Final Minting Price) = 10,000 TAVA → 60% APY = 6000 TAVA

The public sale is on March 24 and 4,181 NFTs are up for grabs for 2 ETH each (Dutch Auction). So head over to the official minting site to check out the NFT listings.

Source: NFT Evening