Alpha Draconis Public Sales

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Alpha Draconis is a 8,888 Dragon-themed project that focus on community first. Our vision is to provide top tier alpha and constant generate returns for holders. Has a collect-to-earn Dragon Ball inspired game. Our very own dragon racing game is under development as well.

🚀 Phase 1 🚀
-Pre sale and public sale will take place
-Listing on Opensea and rarity checker sites
-Legendary Dragons will be raffled off to holders who have their dragon delisted
-Setting up of community wallet

🔥 Phase 2 🔥
-Holders will be able to participate in our collect to earn Dragonball Z inspired game.
-Airdrops, giveaways and exclusive perks will be given to holders

🎁 Phase 3 🎁
-Metaverse land purchase and development
-Tokens will be implemented
-Baby dragons will be released !

💥 Phase 4: Discovery 💥
-Dragon racing game release
-Release of Roadmap 2.0

Source: NFT Evening