0xmusic Launches Next Phase of Genesis Collection Roadmap

The NFT Unicorn 0xlogo-2 0xmusic Launches Next Phase of Genesis Collection Roadmap Todays NFT Drops

Launched in February of this year, 0xmusic by US-based Phab Labs LLC has embarked on the next phase of its roadmap – giving collectors the power to immortalize songs that their NFT plays into their own individual NFTs. Incepting the NFT art world by creating a unique interplay between transience and permanence, this new phase looks to empower its community to become producers, minting their chosen tracks and paving way for phase three of the project’s roadmap.

Today, the community is not only bound by an appreciation of an entirely unique and self-destroying tune on the blockchain that could, in theory, play for a billion years, but also by what the community and founders term as 0xmoments. “We coded in the smart contract moments whereby, for example, on 0xDJ Bach’s birthday, all the 0xDJs play Bach styled music and DJ Bach collectors get an airdrop. We want to celebrate our collectors and the community we’ve built.”

Appearing in various use cases among the 0xmusic community, 0xmusic tracks can be used for personal or commercial purposes, emerging on SoundCloud, on Twitter, and even in metaverse music concerts.

Later this year, 0xmusic fans, community members, and collectors alike will be meeting in New York. “Without revealing too much,” said Cryptopianist, “this meet up for all of us also segways nicely into Phase 3 where our community all come together to create a true masterpiece, the crescendo, if you will, between hyper-personalized and individual experiences being formed together to create a one of a kind work of art.”

Source: NFT Evening