DinoPolis Genesis on the Polygon Network

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DinoPolis Genesis on the Polygon network is a collection of 10.000 unique Mining NFT in which 330 different elements are collected, giving different parameters of the HashRate 返返

潃儭 You purchase NFT in the Polygon network with minimal commissions.
潃儭 The team purchases mining equipment in bulk at competitive prices, places it in the Siberian region with the lowest prices on the world. The professional team of the data center provides control over the smooth operation of the equipment.
潃儭 Mined cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH/ETC, ZIL, LTC, DOGE) are distributed among holders according to the unique characteristics of each DinoPolis Genesis NFT.

The mint opportunity will open on 1 JUL at 11:00 UTC on our website.

Source: NFT Evening