Vexillum Treasury Drop

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The Vexillum Treasury Project will change the course of the NFT sphere. Whether you own a Vexillum Asset or not will become a defining point of your existence in the space. Might as well buy-in while you can so that you get to pioneer revolution and not be a laggard.

Launching Vault 1

Vexillum (VXI) Bill Collection is a 9.123 + 5 innovative and eye-catching NFT Bills with uniquely maneuvered categories symbolized by rare specificities. Total NFT-Bills are distributed in categories of the trinity- Noir(Super Rare), Oud(Premium), and Amber(General). There exist yet many distinctions in these categories that give it a sense of peculiarity and individuality. The Bills are minted as ERC-721 Token on Polygon Blockchain and are developed digitally using a hybrid technique and stored in IPFS. Every Vexillum Bill is part of a unique categorical concept that represents creativity and sometimes mind-blowing symbolism. Though some bills might be similar in some aspects they’re different in others making each bill as unique as possible and equally valuable.


33 FREE Vexillum Bills with Vexillonian Dragons

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