Yumi Marketplace partners with Dmail’s SubHub

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Yumi Marketplace and Dmail’s SubHub have formed an alliance that is poised to trigger their growth through mutual benefits. Yumi Marketplace, for one, is all set to gain instant access to a large user base. SubHub, on the other hand, will have a chance to expand its ecosystem and allow users to have a more engaging experience.

The overall objectives for Yumi Marketplace and SubHub are to amplify user engagement and expand their reach.

Dmail Network has been serving as a convenient platform for many projects over the years. The engagement mostly comes from targeted messages and notifications to power the engagement across different chains. The announcement with the NFT marketplace has triggered a round of discussion about how large the user base is being referred to in this association.

Dmail has highlighted in its announcement that approximately 3.5 million subscribers are estimated to gain exposure to a new platform through this collaboration. Yumi Marketplace has effectively popularized digital collectibles like gold, art, and diamonds. Making them interesting is the fact that Yumi Marketplace provides the flexibility of breaking them down into affordable fractions.

The partnership between Yumi Marketplace and SubHub has been defined as a new chapter, further stating that the registration process is seamless with the signup facility available in their Project Setup Guide. The facility to get started instantly and seamlessly is not restricted to Yumi Marketplace. It extends to every other project that wants to be heard by a large number of users.

It has opened the door to future collaborations, with the sentiment of both ventures going deeper with time.

Yumi Marketplace and SubHub are ideally placed for a partnership, as the value proposition of Yumi Marketplace perfectly aligns with the forward-thinking ethos of Dmail. The latter has said that the community may want to keep an eye on how they work together in the future.

Also, another possibility has opened up through this partnership. Speculation is that Dmail may soon launch MailtoEarn.

The product promises to recompense users for the manner in which they interact with messages by granting them token incentives. It is believed that this complements Yumi Marketplace’s efforts to encourage user interaction.

Dmail has said that they are enthusiastic about the number of possibilities that the association of SubHub and Yumi brings with it, adding that they are looking forward to enriching the decentralized landscape with their partner.

Having said that, it is important to note that Yumi Marketplace and Dmail are each bringing something important to the table. Yumi is introducing its innovative approach to fractional and NFT ownership, while Dmail is carrying forward its ideologies of tech advancement and user-centricity.

The development comes at a time when Dmail has joined hands with Bitget Wallet to accelerate direct user communication.

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