Wassies NFT Prices Surge as Crypto Twitter Lore-Themed Hotel Opens in Singapore

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A boutique hotel themed after a beloved Crypto Twitter character opened doors in Singapore today, sending floor prices of the By Wassies non-fungible token (NFT) collection up by over 20% compared to the weekend.

Hotel by Wassies, themed after the popular ‘Wassie by Wassies’ NFT collection, is located at 5 Hongkong Street in Singapore – with rooms, accessories, a cafe and amenities themed after frog-like creatures.

It’s not an early April Fools’ joke. Hotel by Wassies is a pop-up hotel that runs from March 2023 till September 2023 and is listed on various hotel booking sites.

The 6-floor hotel features 55 rooms, with 49 rooms furnished in shades of Wassie-themed purple and six “Wassies & Friends”-themed rooms that will feature art made in collaboration with other projects.

Creators say the hotel is a way to popularize the Wassie brand among the general populace. “Hotel byWassies is a smol Wassie step in bringing crypto culture into the real world, as we continue to look for ways to deploy the byWassies brand IP in all shapes and forms,” a regional Twitter account of the Wassie collection said.

A room at the Wassie hotel is listed for $129 as of Monday, the Wassie site shows. Wassie NFT holders can get a discount of up to 20% on room booking and 69% off drinks at Coffee byWassies, the in-house cafe.

Floor prices of the Wassie NFT collection have jumped 20% over the past two days, surging to 0.5 ether from Saturday’s 0.33 ether at writing time. The Ethereum-based collection has over 12,000 individual NFTs with 2,3000 unique holders, data from OpenSea shows.

Wassies are a fictional comic made popular by the pseudonymous Crypto Twitter account inversebrah, known for documenting bad takes, memes and jokes that largely center around the crypto community.

Inversebrah – and other self-styled wassie accounts – speak in a distinct slang on Twitter, which adds to their appeal. Words like “wen,” “gud,” “koin” have been quickly picked up by the community – contributing in a significant way to online crypto culture.

Source: Crypto News