The Vatican enters the Web3 world with a new NFT project

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The Vatican also arrives in Web3 with a new experimental project “Vatican Library Web3 Support Project”, which rewards Italian users with NFTs for sharing or donations. The NFT reward is a “key” to open and consult the special collection of 21 manuscripts owned by the heritage of the Vatican Apostolic Library.

Vaticano Web3: the project with NFT prizes that give access to manuscripts from the Vatican Apostolic Library

Yesterday, the new progetto sperimentale “Vatican Library Web3 Support Project” was launched, which rewards users with NFTs, giving access to 21 manuscripts owned by the heritage of the Vatican Apostolic Library.

17 giugno-16 luglio 2024: NTT DATA e BAV lanciano un progetto che premia con NFT gli utenti dando accesso esclusivo ad una collezione speciale del patrimonio digitalizzato della Biblioteca.
Per accedere al progetto (solo per utenti dall’Italia):

— Biblioteca Vaticana (@bibliovaticana) June 17, 2024

The project was launched in Italy by NTT DATA Italia, a Japanese multinational leader in the IT sector, and the Vatican Apostolic Library. This, after the success of the launch of the project in Japan, which took place last February.

The main objective is to expand the online community of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana by connecting the cultural institution with its supporters.

To do this, the project therefore involves NFTs which will be the rewards for Italian users who support the initiative.

Vaticano Web3: how to obtain NFT rewards and the possibility to access the heritage of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

How does the new project “Vatican Library Web3 Support Project” work in Italy? Basically, Italian users will have until July 16 to share the project on their social channels or to make donations to the Vatican Apostolic Library through the initiative’s website.

In exchange, such users will receive their NFT prize which will be used as a key to access to “open” and consult the special collection with high-resolution images of a selection of 21 manuscripts owned by the Library’s heritage.

Specifically, users who support the initiative by sharing on social channels will receive an “NFT Silver” and will be able to view high-resolution images of 15 manuscripts on the website.

Those who, on the other hand, want to support the project with a donation, will receive an “NFT Gold” and thus gain access to all high-resolution images of the selection.

In this regard, Don Mauro Mantovani, Prefect of the Vatican Apostolic Library, stated that the project conceived by NTT DATA fully embraces the mission of the Library: to make accessible to the public the unique collections that distinguish it and at the same time foster research and scientific development.

“The Library not only recognizes the value of the new communities that NTT DATA is creating, but trusts that NTT DATA will undertake future initiatives by creating similar systems with different partners around the world. For this reason, we are pleased to participate in this joint project that leverages the technological opportunities characteristic of Web3”

In the future, the project could include the presentation of new digital content formats, such as the possibility to visit spaces through immersive experiences in XR.

The Non-Fungible Token of Papa Francesco

While today it is the Vatican Apostolic Library to embrace Web3, already in 2021, launching its first collection of NFT artworks, was His Holiness Pope Francis.

In fact, it is the Scholas Occurrentes collection, a limited edition that has been made available on the marketplace of AkoinNFT.

On that occasion, the proceeds from the sale of the first limited edition signed by the Pope were dedicated to the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, the Pope’s global charity organization.

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