Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch NFT Joins VeVe, Redefines Digital Frontier

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VeVe, the premier digital collectibles marketplace, has once again pushed the boundaries in the growing NFT market. The mobile-first platform known for offering luxury licensed digital collectibles is about to release a fresh NFT from the Sesame Street franchise – an animated Oscar the Grouch, set to go live on May 27, 8 AM PT.

Quick Takes:

  • VeVe introduces limited edition Oscar the Grouch NFT, offering fans a unique and immersive Sesame Street experience.
  • Collectors can download the VeVe app to own their own Oscar the Grouch digital token for just $60.
  • VeVe sets a new standard for sustainability in the digital sphere, ensuring 100% carbon neutrality for all NFTs and promoting a greener future.

Coming Soon: VeVe Unveils Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch NFT Collectible!

Indulge in a Unique Sesame Street Adventure through VeVe’s NFT Collection

VeVe is leading the charge in the expanding world of NFTs, continuously enhancing its offerings with innovative Sesame Street tokens. The launch of the Oscar the Grouch NFT gives fans an exceptional chance to interact with their beloved characters like never before.

This Oscar the Grouch collectible is limited to 4,444 pieces. It captures the famous character popping out of his trash can, uttering classic lines such as “scram!”. Further, this new take on the iconic character promises a unique and immersive storytelling experience for Sesame Street fans.

As per creators, to get in on the NFT wave, collectors need to download the VeVe app from the

  • App Store,
  • Google Play, or
  • the VeVe Web App.

Meanwhile, for only $60, or 60 in-app gems, you can take home your very own Oscar the Grouch digital token.

This Oscar the Grouch animated digital collectible gives long-time adult fans a new way to show their love for @sesamestreet…or just “scram!”

This carbon neutral animated digital collectible drops Sat, 27 May at 8 AM PT.#CollectorsAtHeart 💚

— VeVe | Digital Collectibles (@veve_official) May 24, 2023

Following the triumph of the Cookie Monster NFT, VeVe has continued to broaden its digital Sesame Street portfolio. These unique tokens allow fans to engage with the memorable characters they love, combining modern technology with nostalgia.

VeVe Stands Up for Sustainability in the Digital Sphere

VeVe stands out in the digital realm for its commitment to environmental sustainability. It promises 100% carbon neutrality for all its NFTs. When you choose VeVe, you’re not only securing a piece of Sesame Street history, but you’re also playing a part in promoting a greener future. With VeVe, the future of digital collectibles marries innovation with sustainability, proving that technology and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

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