Renault Korea Introduces “Create Your SM6” NFT Campaign

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Renowned automotive brand Renault is once again making headlines in the world of Web3 with its latest NFT campaign, “Create Your SM6.” This groundbreaking initiative introduces Stable Diffusion, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) tool that allows participants to generate unique images inspired by Renault’s popular SM6 TCe300 model. These images are then transformed into exclusive NFTs, creating an interactive experience for the community.

Quick Takes:

  • Renault’s “Create Your SM6” NFT campaign offers unique collectibles generated with AI, inspired by the SM6 TCe300 model.
  • Participants can own limited edition NFTs and have a chance to win Klaytn cryptocurrency based on engagement.
  • Renault’s commitment to Web3 is showcased through previous successful NFT initiatives, cementing its pioneering role in the digital automotive industry.

A Sneak Peek into the NFT Artwork Submissions and Their Contributions

Exclusive NFTs and Engaging Incentives

Renault’s “Create Your SM6” campaign plans to release a limited edition of 6,300 NFTs, granting participants the opportunity to own a unique digital collectible. Each participant will be eligible to receive one NFT, adding an element of exclusivity and collectability to the campaign. Further, the campaign winners will proudly display their NFTs on the event page and receive them directly to their digital wallets.

Participants in the “Create Your SM6” campaign also have an exciting incentive beyond owning a digital collectible. Depending on their level of engagement and ranking, participants may have the chance to win Klaytn cryptocurrency, the native token powering the Klaytn blockchain. Consequently, this adds an extra layer of excitement and rewards for those involved in the campaign.

This is not Renault’s first venture into the world of NFTs. Building upon previous successes, the “Create Your SM6” campaign marks Renault’s third NFT initiative. Last year, the brand captivated its community with the “Create Your Epic Car” campaign in October. Shortly after, the company unveiled the “XM3 E-Tech Hybrid Meta Unpacked” campaign in November.

Renault’s Commitment to Web3

Renault’s commitment to the Web3 landscape is evident through its recent endeavors. In May, the automotive giant celebrated its 50th anniversary with the introduction of “Racing Shoe5,” their second NFT collection inspired by the iconic R5 Turbo. Prior to that, in December 2022, Renault released the “genR5” NFT collection, featuring 1,972 unique digital assets.

Renault’s forward-thinking approach and commitment are showcased through active participant involvement in digital collectible creation. The “Create Your SM6” campaign exemplifies Renault’s engagement with its community and ability to adapt. Moreover, Renault’s Web3 initiatives solidify its position as an automotive industry pioneer, forging new paths in the digital realm.

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