Pixel Realm Announces the INO Sale of DAOSIS Sapphire Maestro NFTs

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Pixel Realm, a well-known gaming platform, has recently announced an exclusive initial non-fungible token offering. As per the company, it is commencing the sale of Daosis Sapphire Maestro NFTs, giving a chance to the participants to for minting the tokens on Pixel Realm. On its X account, the firm revealed the details of the respective endeavor.

🌊 24 Hours to @Daosis_Official #INO on PixelRealm! 🌊

📣 We are excited to announce that Daosis’ Sapphire Maestro NFTs Sale will be launching on PixelRealm with Sealed Bid Auction!

🌊 We together aim to conduct a Sealed Bid Auction for 20 exclusive NFTs that grant access to… pic.twitter.com/KAVigJ1fBz

— PixelRealm (@PixelRealmlabs) May 12, 2024

Pixel Realm Commences the Sale of Its Daosis Sapphire Maestro NFTs

In a blog post covering this development, Pixel Realm disclosed May 13th as the date for the NFT sale. It added that Oasis Sapphire EVM would power the initial launchpad “Daosis.” As per it, Oasis Sapphire EVM operates as a flourishing community ecosystem and welcomes participation. In addition to this, it strengthens its participants to build its future. Daosis comprises a couple of dynamic components that contribute to a remarkable experience.

According to the platform, it will sell twenty non-fungible tokens via the closed-bid auction. The respective NFTs play the role of the keys to reach Daosis Launchpad’s Tier Sapphire Mestro. The cost to access Tier Sapphire Maestro is up to $3,000 in terms of DSS coins. The non-fungible token has the exact intrinsic value. Nonetheless, the participants may buy it for less via an auction.

The NFT Wallet Can Get Revenue Shares, Community Rewards, and Launchpad Rewards

While discussing the chief features of the project, the company noted that it ensures access to a prominent launchpad tier. Additionally, it ensures greater allocation concerning IDOs on the launchpad. Moreover, the wallet containing the non-fungible token is qualified to have revenue shares.

Apart from that, such a wallet can also bear community rewards. That’s not all as it can also receive launchpad rewards. Furthermore, the consumers can also sell the NFT. Following the transfer, just the latest wallet comprising it will be able to reach Tier Sapphire Maestro.

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