OpenSea’s Seaport Function Makes Stolen NFT Still Sellable

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Franklin, the sixth largest holder of BAYC, tweeted that twice in a week, someone used the “Match Advanced Order” function to sell to him the stolen goods marked as suspicious activity review (yellow mark, this is a warning of steal BAYC NFT).

In this regard, Cosine, the founder of SlowMist Technology, analyzed that hackers can complete the sale of NFTs blocked by the OpenSea mark through the Match Advanced Orders function of the OpenSea Seaport protocol. This bypasses OpenSea’s security policy (blocking cannot be sold), but there needs to be a buyer to bid here.

被 OpenSea 标记拉黑的 NFT,黑客可以通过 OpenSea Seaport 协议的 matchAdvancedOrders 函数完成售卖。这样就绕过了 OpenSea 的安全策略(拉黑不可售卖),不过这里需要有买家 bid 了 offer。


— Cos(余弦)😶‍🌫️ (@evilcos) January 23, 2023

This raises concerns about OpenSea’s censorship features, as stolen NFTs can still be traded on the marketplace. Some users are starting to get bored with the platform.

Says loudly cause I believe it: OpenSea needs to get their act together and figure this out.

(whispers quietly to franklin: maybe it’s time to stop putting opensea collection bids on apes?)

— NFTstatistics.eth (@punk9059) January 22, 2023

Previously, OpenSea has launched 2 features in an effort to protect users from phishing attacks and prevent stolen NFTs from being sold on its platform. One is a new anti-theft feature that proactively scans URLs to prevent malicious links from appearing on counterfeit listings. Another feature is a new detection feature that automatically detects and flags potentially stolen or transferred NFTs and bans their transactions on the platform.

OpenSea says it is working with other companies in the NFT space to reduce scams. However, it seems that verifying stolen NFTs on the platform is having a hard time.

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