OnePlanet: A Polygon Focused NFT Marketplace

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In this article, I want to discuss OnePlanet and their Polygon NFT marketplace. OnePlanet have had a very interesting journey and were one of the go to NFT Marketplaces on the Luna Terra network.

With the issues coming from the collapse of Luna Terra in 2022, OnePlanet had to make some quick decisions in regards to the future of their business, and in turn the NFT projects that had used OnePlanet’s Launchpad to launch. They undertook a rigorous process to figure out what the best options for them and their end users would be. At the end of this process OnePlanet decided to make Polygon their home.

The primary focus was to support the projects that had been affected by the lunar terror issues. These projects didn’t have a home and the network they were on, essentially ceased to be. OnePlanet built the code to allow 60 projects the opportunity to migrate to Polygon.

Every NFT, in all of the collections due to migrate could be moved to the Polygon chain, under the ownership of the original holder. OnePlanet offered incentive’s to encourage users to migrate their NFT’s and support their creators. Due to this, they saw a large proportion of holders migrate their NFT’s to Polygon.

OnePlanet completed their migration in 2022 and then focused immediately on on boarding existing polygon NFT Projects. The first existing Polygon NFT Projects to join OnePlanet marketplace, joined in December 2022.
Keep your eye on the OnePlanet Launchpad in the coming months for some exciting projects!
From my perspective, this is the leading Polygon only marketplace. OnePlanet are completely dedicated to Polygon and not distracted by any other chains. They have worked very hard to make their platform engaging for projects, sellers and buyers. This includes things like pack opening and gamification, with more to come. OnePlanet want to make their marketplace a fun place for all of their end users.

In 2023 OnePlanet have been focused on making improvements to their user journey. Some recent changes have included adding functionality to the search bar and improving the user journey for launchpads. As seen above, when you click on OnePlanet’s search bar, you see some trending collections.

These are the top 5 collections by volume in the last 24 hours. One Planet have added further search functionality when collectors are looking for specific NFT’s. Collectors can now search for NFT’s within a collection by item name or property.
You can find OnePlanet’s Community notes for their latest functionality release here.
As well as the opportunity to list your Polygon project on OnePlanet marketplace, they also provide a dedicated Launchpad for new project launches. This launchpad offer support throughout the process of launching an NFT, from consulting all the way through to marketing and promotion.

The marketing offered is a dedicated campaign which includes social media, support, Twitter spaces and it doesn’t stop at the launch. OnePlanet will continue to work with projects beyond the launch. If you are interested in OnePlanet’s Launchpad you can find it here. OnePlanet have even included a dedicated guide so project founders know the details of the process before they apply.

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