Hape launches official Marketplace powered by Caduceus

The NFT Unicorn Hape-marketplace Hape launches official Marketplace powered by Caduceus NFT News
Hape and Caduceus have joined forces to launch a new and exclusive marketplace. Hape are metaverse fashion models and now for the first time, owners have full control over how they’re styled as they enter an exciting new fashionverse.

The launch of the Marketplace is an important milestone for Hape and Caduceus. From today you can purchase on-chain items of Hape clothing using CMP and attach them to your avatar in the Fashion Index, Hape’s unique wardrobe and ranking system. Clothing will be dropped in themed batches, each batch featuring items that are already in the collection alongside new colour variants and brand new fits.

Just like the real world, stock is limited and some items will be more limited than others. Items available from launch include digital wearables, accessories, clothing, earrings, gadgets, headwear, jewellery and nose piercings.The NFT Unicorn XFYdZP21eZgKtFAmZzNMkzcU-AM2VOpNHVWr3s9-0NucHL61w_X79H8lElYBx1yXSz9HRGkPh3Zs3jPWT6EsrE1HE-EKiHWV-BptWjUuIK4GDmBOxXzsv4YfQ1wZlinwFIw_yFkzAjtvFHcCP4taRM_5xK4mFhSN-Y2mwpd0-2pTKoEqknt5XSFbfnb-iQ Hape launches official Marketplace powered by Caduceus NFT News

In the Hape marketplace you will be able to view collections, buy digital wearables using ETH or get a 20% discount by using CMP, then dress your Hape and download your new look.

Owning a Hape will give you the best experience in the marketplace. If you don’t own one, you can get one from the Hape Prime Collection on OpenSea. Join the community and expect Hape to continue to innovate in this space.The NFT Unicorn BOKK-HnckrVIS0huBmdMLacW8Upxrk5nWrtMqrUTtayeGUszFQUR-UWcZH5Pz5T-bWRim7crW2QjSbn49MGt7yq3AmPM-clFeXdZuIkpTMdoWH2Hi5jLNcZL0BwRrNWjjZo_-7bT_v2Nibuof02oIXu5KuZ2tJarhlefA0l3dkZv33zAe9PCGmFfrTf4xw Hape launches official Marketplace powered by Caduceus NFT News  Tim Bullman, CEO of Caduceus says “We’ve seen countless NFT projects come and go this year. One of the few that have stood firm in such rocky times is Hape. Their fashionverse project aligns with our vision. The collaboration will empower Hape through our native CMP coin, becoming an important part of our ecosystem”
Mat Sypien aka ‘Digimental’ of Hape says “The partnership between Hape® and Caduceus began a new era for us. Their dedication to Metaverse development helped Hape® to activate our tokenomics system, and deliver fashionverse Marketplace where CMP is the main payment method. We look forward to the future with Caduceus and its CMP token.”

Welcome to the beginning of the fashionverse.

About Caduceus

Caduceus is the first metaverse protocol with decentralised edge rendering dedicated to providing an infrastructure layer for Metaverse development. Caduceus offers up to 100,000 transactions per second, Easy Cross Chain tech with EVM equivalence and Multichain bridges plus extremely low gas fees. Developers can easily migrate, render and stream decentralised projects through Caduceus’s edge rendering network.