Discover the realm of AstarNetwork NFT with Sonova

The NFT Unicorn 386330ca59eacb6fa352af4a61a668f4bb0c6042.webp Discover the realm of AstarNetwork NFT with Sonova NFT News

Sonova, an exclusive NFT space that is designed for collectors and active traders on the Astra network, aims to foster the development of potential NFT projects and activities that are capable of establishing sustainable ecosystems. Their innovative platform is driven by seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in the blockchain industry.

In spite of being a recent entrant, the team members at Sonova come with highly specialized Web3 knowledge. In their opinion, the most significant obstacle to Web3 is the absence of initiatives that are designed to establish a manageable ecosystem. The issue will be resolved in the near future by the cultivation of potential initiatives.

Sonova values the Astar Network’s strong connections with major companies such as Sony, Docomo, Toyota, and others, as well as their high-level IPs. They plan to provide the necessary framework for Astar to collaborate with these businesses and to further the contributions to Web3 conventional initiatives within the Astar Network. The company is of the firm conviction that Astar is the optimal solution for managing the intricacies of Web3.

Sonova is currently engaged in ten initiatives and is providing comprehensive support to businesses that are introducing NFTs.

In terms of technological and security considerations, Sonova is also working with X2Y2, an experienced creator of NFT marketplaces. X2Y2 will conduct a comprehensive security audit of Sonova to guarantee that users can utilize our platform with confidence. Furthermore, the X2Y2 platform will be the focus of Sonova’s extensive collaboration. Sonova will receive technical assistance and marketing guidance from X2Y2.

Sonova plans to introduce a token in the near future, following in the footsteps of Blur and Tensor. They are gearing up to release $SONOVA, targeting long-term users of the platform and also introducing a point farming mechanism.

Source: Crypto News