Coinbase NFT Launches Creator Hub To Drive Web3 Innovation

The NFT Unicorn ac3edf2b06f8a5e2fd7934fc5ded5f55d53c3d2a Coinbase NFT Launches Creator Hub To Drive Web3 Innovation NFT News

The news is rather amusing considering the reaction Coinbase faced for putting its Creators Drop function on hold earlier this year. However, the firm continues to introduce new features and products aimed at attracting more people to crypto and Web3.

The Creator Hub will serve as a one-stop shop for creative tools. Users may use these tools to begin NFT collections in three steps: picking contracts, minting preferences, modifying photos, descriptions, price, and minting time, and finally, adding them to their collections. The wallet is currently available for purchase on the market.

The Creator Center may also assist users in developing Discord bots to follow NFT sales (on Coinbase NFT, OpenSea, and LooksRare), query and download complete lists of NFT holders, integrate NFT collections on personal websites, and construct token-gated experiences.

The tool’s features include the ability to launch an NFT collection in three stages, monitor sales on Discord, and embed an NFT collection on a website.

Additional capabilities included the ability to construct gated experiences that were only available to NFT holders, as well as tools for analyzing holder wallets.

It seems like Coinbase NFT has published a big upgrade to its platform for the first time in a long time.

On the evening of February 23, Coinbase formally launched its new service, the layer-2 Base solution, in collaboration with Optimism. Customers paid $462,000 in transaction fees to mint NFT on the day Base testnet launched.

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