Christopher Swanger Is in The Emerging NFT Game, Making Him More Influential

The NFT Unicorn Christopher-Swanger-Is-In-The-Emerging-NFT-Game_-Making-Him-More-Influential Christopher Swanger Is in The Emerging NFT Game, Making Him More Influential NFT News

NFT revolutionized the entire world with its powerful waves; as of august 2021, the overall NFT sales value in 30 days is almost 206.5 million US dollars. It describes the power of NFTs in the digital era. NFT provided an open gateway for all the artists to turn their art into NFTs and be recognized.

Christopher Swanger is one of the leading artists, photographers, and graphic designers who have been serving the industry for the last 30 years. His photography genres mainly rely on portraits, landscapes, night photography, product photography, and more. Christopher has many art and photography collections still hidden from the world. What has he done to us? Let’s find out more.

Christopher Showcases His Art in The NFT Game
Christopher now aims to deliver his work through NFT art due to its demand in the digital market. He has a new and creative collection that is about to be NFTs. As Christopher describes his thoughts about NFT,

“I’ve had great success, but the NFT game is new to me, and getting followers is hard without help. Reaching people who buy art and NFT is a tough task for me.”

Christopher aims to step up with its dynamics and creatives to be in the limelight throughout the NFT game. He strives to sell all his artwork throughout the NFTs so that art lovers can quickly get those unique prints without breaching an artist’s royalty.

Eat, Sleep, Collect, NFTs
As NFTs are not for all but only for those who praise and respect art. Christopher’s unique target audience is interested in buying and collecting NFTs or creative art prints, including nature, traveling, and landscapes. Christopher also has a wide collection of fantastic Art and NFTs to match the NFT’s themes and ideas.

The Channels of Art & Crafts
Christopher is known for his amazing photography skills. He has already worked with famous bands and artists such as Quiet Riot, MAstadon, Machine Head, Dweezle Zappa, Steven Adler from Guns N Roses, and so on.

Art lovers are open to following Christophers’ Instagram channels @swagadelic.shotz. Anyone can also find out his work on and

The Other Arts of Christopher Swanger
On these channels, art lovers can easily get creative and most fabulous NFTs from the talented and skilled Christopher Swanger. Except for this Photography and NFT art collections, Christopher is efficient in carpentry work with custom live edge tables and river tables. Anyone can visit to see the collection. Christopher has also been in a unique business and partnered with a distillery where he makes moonshine, whiskey, and rum using 100-year-old recipes from his own family belonging to Kentucky.

Christopher In a Nutshell
Well, Christopher aims to target those interested in collecting unique art, photography pieces, and something new and exciting to the world. If anyone wants to get all the artwork with charismatic and coolest vibes, visit swagadelic.shotz or swagadelic-shotz.