$133M in Weekly Sales Recorded

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During the week of June 1-8, 2024, non-fungible token (NFT) sales experienced an increase compared to the previous week. NFT sales reached $133.19 million, a rise of 7.51%.

NFT Market Gains 7.51% This Week

This week’s NFT sales showed a 7.51% increase after several weeks of decline. The seven-day sales totaled $133.19 million, involving nearly 90,000 buyers and sellers. The priciest NFT sale this week came from the Cardano chain, selling for $219,102 three days ago. The second most expensive NFT was an Ethereum-based Cryptopunk #1,002, which sold for $193,372 two days ago.

Seven day non-fungible token (NFT) sales stats via cryptoslam.io.

Ethereum led the NFT sales this week, capturing $35.91 million, a slight increase of 0.33% from last week. Bitcoin NFT sales amounted to $35.61 million, marking a 10.93% increase. Solana ranked third with $19.17 million in sales, up 1.97%. Following were Polygon and Immutable X, with Polygon’s sales increasing by 21.39%.

The top-selling digital collectibles collection this week was Immutable X’s Guild of Guardians, which accumulated $6.79 million, a rise of 18.54%. Bitcoin’s PIZZA NFTs generated $5.91 million, while Polygon’s Moongirl NFTs recorded $5.77 million in sales. As the current week marks a notable resurgence in NFT sales across various blockchains, the landscape of digital assets appears to be gradually stabilizing.

Of course, there’s been varied growth rates among leading platforms like Bitcoin, Solana, and Polygon suggesting a diversifying market. This upward trend over the past seven days, highlighted by standout sales in collections like Guild of Guardians, possibly indicates a renewed collector interest, potentially setting the stage for a vibrant summer in the NFT sector.

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