ZED RUN Joins Victoria Racing Club for Melbourne Cup Party in Decentraland

The NFT Unicorn Zed ZED RUN Joins Victoria Racing Club for Melbourne Cup Party in Decentraland Metaverse News

Hold onto your horses, the Lexus Melbourne Cup is coming to Decentraland. So, saddle up, and head to the ZED RUN HQ for some thoroughbred festivities.

The whole of Australia is currently preparing for its grandest celebration of equine excellence, bad hats, and booze. And, in honour of this fine institution, ZED RUN has partnered up with Victoria Racing Club. Together, at 10:30 EST on November 1st, they will host the Melbourne Cup Carnival in the Metaverse, before launching the new “Flemington” race track in the game.

A huge array of entertainment is lined up, including live screened races beamed in from Australia, live music, and winnable wearables. The pinnacle of the event being the Lexus Melbourne Cup grand final, displayed on the many screens at ZED RUN HQ. Providing a suitable soundtrack is DJ Havana Brown, to bring a little of that festival vibe to proceedings.

And if that isn’t enough, ZED RUN will introduce a set of collectible NFTs displaying some of the Melbourne Cup’s greatest ever races. All in all, 10 are available, with each including a non-transferable Melbourne Cup VIP experience for the 2022 event. The auction will run from October 30 until November 4 on OpenSea.

The Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s biggest sporting events, with approximately 750 million fans tuning in each year. This long-standing tradition began way back in 1860, with this latest instalment marking the 161st event.

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