VLGE Unveils AI Agents for Enhanced Metaverse Experience

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Embarking on the Web3 journey with unparalleled enthusiasm, Vlge (pronounced Village) is set to unleash a revolutionary patent-pending system, poised to reshape the landscape of virtual world-building. Anticipated to make its debut in the first quarter among a select group of beta testers, Vlge ushers in the era of personalized AI data agents.

In a recent interview, Evelyn Mora, CEO and Founder of Vlge, likened the new feature to having a “little tiny robot” representing users in the metaverse. This AI data agent evolves and becomes more intelligent based on the user’s activities in both the physical and digital realms.
“The system has the ability to match users’ moods and provide content tailored to their needs in real time. For instance, if a user is a pregnant woman, the entire virtual experience, including games and content, is curated accordingly.”

Evelyn Mora, CEO and Founder of Vlge
The opt-in feature of Vlge AI aims to build a dynamic virtual world that continuously evolves based on users’ experiences and values. Mora sees this platform as addressing mental health concerns and sustainability ambitions simultaneously.

By connecting digital and physical footprints, the gamified AI increases awareness of actions and purchasing decisions made in real life and virtual spaces. Users retain control over the data inputs for their personalized AI agents, which may include social media feeds, travel documentation, and lifestyle cues.

Evelyn Mora views AI as the “glue” that unifies disparate elements around avatars, providing users with more agency over their data and frequented virtual spaces.

Gen Z and Millennials seek platforms that empower them to utilize tools for their benefit. As a seasoned tech entrepreneur and sustainability consultant, Evalyn has a track record of pioneering initiatives, including the first sustainable fashion week and the first 3D fashion week.
“Customers nowadays, especially Gen Z, want more than just products on a shelf. They are looking for new ways to engage with brands and immersive experiences. That’s what we are building on VLGE.”

Laura Raditschev, Global Customer Experience Manager, Lancôme
Vlge, previously known as Digital Village, enables individuals, brands, and partners like Lancome, NYX, and Loreal to create virtual spaces or host activities effortlessly through no-code, drag-and-drop tools.

With the impending release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset in the new year, Vlge stands out as one of the metaverse programs available on this cutting-edge device. The takeaway is evident: the metaverse ecommerce experience is undeniably transitioning into the metaverse itself.

While still in its nascent stages, mainstream brands are evidently embracing this technology, and it won’t be long until it attains the same level of mainstream adoption as Web2 shopping. Thanks to technologies like Vlge, a 3D shopping experience with AI agents assisting you is on the horizon. Welcome to the era of AI and robotics.

For more information about Vlge and its innovative AI integration, visit their website or follow them on X.

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