Vegas City Announces Amazing Golf Course in Decentraland

The NFT Unicorn Golf Vegas City Announces Amazing Golf Course in Decentraland Metaverse News

Ball and stick enthusiasts received a giant lift today, with the revelation that golf is coming to Decentraland. Soon, players will have a genuine reason to don their golf-themed wearables, and whilst doing so, compete at the highest level.

Heading imminently to the Sports Quarter in Vegas City, Decentraland is a fully playable golf course, enabling eager participants to demonstrate their putting prowess for all to see. The first iteration takes the shape of a traditional style putting green, wherein, players can test their skills in the serene decentralized surroundings.

Gaming mechanics resemble a disembodied club, controlled by managing strike strength and angle, while players must simultaneously adjust for the finely contoured terrain. However, as in real golf, obstacles will have a tendency to hinder progress.

This brand new bespoke Vegas City golf course will add an excellent new dynamic to Decentraland’s sporting landscape, and provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of the main city, while additionally providing an exciting new sporting arena, and hopefully future competitions.

Just like real golf, but without the inconvenience of going outside, walking, and paying exorbitant green fees. And, hopefully somewhere down the line, a golf cart will add a little more chaos into the mix. Keeps tabs on the Vegas City Twitter feed for more information.

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