VECH Gears Up for Epic HQ Opening Party in Decentraland

The NFT Unicorn VECH-NFT-HQ-Decentraland-Grand-Opening VECH Gears Up for Epic HQ Opening Party in Decentraland Metaverse News

Fine creator of metaverse enabled modes of transport, VECH, is preparing to open its grand new HQ in the metaverse. A towering edifice in the heart of Decentraland built to house the VECH community.

To celebrate its impressive milestone, the team will host a magnificent party to showcase the excellent creation, opening its doors at 7pm UTC on March 24, and running for three hours. Inside, guests can expect the usual offerings of tremendous music, giveaways, wearable airdrops and the obligatory POAP.

The striking black and yellow monolith will dominate the Decentraland skyline with its bold features and futuristic styling, providing a brand-new focal point for the esteemed metaverse and giving collectors of VECH NFTs a community hub where they can plan their non-fungible endeavours.

VECH represents a cutting-edge set of tokens enabled for use in the metaverse, gaming and augmented reality, providing the Web3 world with an amazing set of high-res 3D assets with highly functional utility. For now, the flagship collection is composed of the founder’s edition hovercraft optimized for Decentraland and The Sandbox. However, there are additional metaverse wearables in the pipeline.

So, head down to Decentraland on the 24th for some VECH-themed fun and games.

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