Upland Levels Up with ‘Polemo Games’ Mini-Battles

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Introducing Polemo Games: Upland’s New Dimension

Developed on the enticing Upland Metaverse, Polemo Games offers players access through a digital map that reflects the real world. All gaming experiences focus on asset ownership and community building to craft a rewarding and inclusive experience for gamers and developers alike.

Play-to-earn mechanics power the game, offering players the opportunity to garner cryptocurrency as rewards. As Upland strives to create the most prominent virtual open economy, Polemo Games enhances the utility of its native token, $SPARK. Notably, Upland aims to make $SPARK tradeable on exchanges in the near future, with 87% of the Upland community backing this initiative. 

Additionally, NFTs represent in-game assets, like weapons and characters, providing users with verifiable ownership of Upland’s virtual properties. Players can use the in-game currency $UPX to acquire weapon packs to boost accuracy, speed, and strategic skills to triumph on the Upland platform and compete for additional $UPX and prizes. 

As players explore the many avenues Polemo Games opens, they are not just partaking in thrilling battles; they are making their mark on the future of the innovative Upland ecosystem. 

Join Polemo Games on Upland >> Here 

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