Unveiling Holiday Magic on Roblox

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Fresh off the release of her first-ever holiday album and her first studio album in five years, Cher is taking center stage in Warner Music Group’s virtual world, Harmony Hills, exclusively on the metaverse platform Roblox. The event kicks off today, December 8th, at 7 pm ET and will continue for four weeks, transforming Harmony Hills into a festive wonderland adorned with holiday-themed locations.

Partnering with Gamefam, Cher’s metaverse journey promises not only musical enchantment but also a unique opportunity for fans to engage with limited-time virtual merchandise inspired by some of Cher’s most iconic looks. From a winter crown to diamond antlers, fans can adorn their avatars with Cher’s distinctive fashion sense, adding an extra layer of excitement to the immersive experience.

The metaverse activation is not just about passive enjoyment; it’s an interactive adventure for players. Over the course of the four-week event, players can participate in a series of holiday-themed challenges, each unlocking exclusive Cher-inspired virtual rewards:

Part 1 (December 8 – December 14): Help Cher deliver holiday presents for a chance to earn the Winter Crown.
Part 2 (December 15 – December 21): Join the quest to recover stolen Christmas Tree ornaments and earn Winter Fairy Wings.
Part 3 (December 22 – December 28): Navigate the towering tree, dodging branches and icicles to put the ornaments back in their proper places, and receive Diamond Antlers.
Part 4 (December 29 – January 5): Engage in a mischievous snowball fight for the coveted Tinsel Hair.

Cher’s Music in Every Corner: A Virtual Concert Experience

Cher’s hits will resonate through the virtual venues of Harmony Hills, creating a seamless blend of music and gameplay. From the pizza restaurant to the nightclub, players will be serenaded by Cher’s timeless tunes, fostering an immersive digital concert experience.

Cher’s choice of Roblox as the stage for her metaverse debut is strategic. With over 70 million daily active users, Roblox has become a hub for the younger generation, surpassing even TikTok and YouTube in user engagement. Cher aims to not only connect with her existing fan base but also introduce her music to a new and digitally savvy audience.

Harmony Hills, a collaboration between Warner Music Group and Gamefam, initially launched on Roblox in February 2023, setting the stage for unique musical experiences within the metaverse.
With over 10.5 million lifetime gameplay sessions, an 8.3-minute average session length, and an impressive 88% rating, Harmony Hills has become a virtual haven for music enthusiasts on Roblox.
The partnership between Warner Music Group and Gamefam has consistently delivered exceptional metaverse concert experiences. Notable successes include the Saweetie Super Bowl Concert, ranking as the highest-rated concert ever on Roblox with a 96% player rating, and the Bebe Rexha Concert, boasting 4.3 million unique visits and over 450K unique virtual items awarded.

Cher in the Metaverse: A Timeless Icon Embraces Innovation

Cher’s metaverse debut on Roblox stands as a pioneering moment where music, fashion, and technology converge. This immersive experience not only brings joy to existing fans but also opens the door for a new era of fandom, showcasing how artists like Cher can leverage emerging platforms to build connections and share their art in innovative ways.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this historic metaverse event. Join Cher in Harmony Hills on Roblox and witness the magic unfold in the digital realm.

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