Acquires $3 Million Decentraland Real Estate

The NFT Unicorn Tokens Acquires $3 Million Decentraland Real Estate Metaverse News

The metaverse as a whole has experienced a huge surge in interest over recent weeks. Consequently, native token values have skyrocketed and metaverse internet searches are through the roof. Now, crypto investment firm,, has completed the single biggest land transaction in metaverse history.

Operating via their subsidiary, Metaverse Group, acquired a key piece of real estate in Decentraland’s fashion district. In brief, this noteworthy purchase spans 166 parcels and covers an area equivalent to 565 square meters (6090 square feet). So, how much did this incredible investment cost? shelled out a gargantuan 618,000 $MANA for this ultimate metaverse purchase. That’s a cool $3 million in old money, as of writing anyway.

Following this grand purchase, has committed to developing the land to support the fashion community, and will now set to work building a key metaverse area for fashion projects, shows, and events as well as provide a place for partnered brands to showcase their wares.

Fashion is considered one of the next big opportunities within the Web3 frontier. And as such, is keen to become a pioneer of the industry. The company will work closely with Decentraland to ensure the best possible outcome for both parties.

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