The Sandbox Teams Up with the Metaverse Travel Agency

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Creators of fine wearables, the Metaverse Travel Agency, have joined forces with The Sandbox to up the utility of their latest project. This comes in as the excellent “Metahelmet,” a new kind of wearable for the consummate metanaut.

Heading this way in the very near future is a collection of 10101 finely crafted 3D helmets. Each algorithmically generated from 120 custom made components. The result is a metaverse-ready exquisite piece of NFT headgear.

Each item will retail at a binary 0.10101 ETH and will hit the digital realm on October 7. Furthermore, these unique items will feature an in-built screen, on which owners can display their favourite NFTs. As such, a formidable device titled the “Quantum Machine” makes this mean feat possible and syncs with the user’s wallet for the ultimate wearables flex.

Ownership of such a fine helmet will also include access to a host of benefits. In detail, headpiece clad individuals will gain exclusive entry to activities, games, quests and hubs. And fundamentally, it is the key to entering the forthcoming grand HQ in The Sandbox.

Furthermore, this represents the second such alliance negotiated by the team. With Decentraland already aboard, the metaverse is going to run riot with shiny headgear. So, connect up, mint up, and gear up. These innovative NFT wearables look set to take the metaverse by storm.

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