Somnium Space to Integrate Cross-Chain Compatibility

The NFT Unicorn Somnium Somnium Space to Integrate Cross-Chain Compatibility Metaverse News

Trailblazing metaverse, Somnium Space, has always been at the forefront of blockchain technology. Now, they are preparing to integrate cross-chain compatibility into their virtual world.

First on their radar is the Solana blockchain, which is set for integration in early December. As such, users will have full access to their Solana-based NFTs within the Somnium Space world. This means, interactive avatars and in-game objects will all receive support on the VR, PC and WebXR clients.

Somnium Space will benefit hugely from Solana’s highly efficient blockchain, resulting in NFTs with incredibly low minting fees and super-fast transaction times. And of course, that highly sought-after badge of honour as a supporter of eco-friendly networks.

Somnium Space’s multi-chain ambitions don’t end here however, with work currently underway to also incorporate the NEAR blockchain in early 2022 within the connected family. This in turn will open up the metaverse to a huge number of additional assets and their owners.

If that isn’t enough to get you salivating, there’s more news. Somnium Space is currently in the tail end of development to incorporate layer 2 scaling solution, Polygon, into their native marketplace.

A true cross-chain revolution is coming to the metaverse!

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