Somnium Space Land Offering Brings Solana Into the Fold

The NFT Unicorn Somnium-Space-2 Somnium Space Land Offering Brings Solana Into the Fold Metaverse News

Revolutionary metaverse, Somnium Space is gearing up for its latest tertiary land offering. Proceedings will begin on November 14 and run until December 18. This five-week bonanza marks the first time they will list on both the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

A great number of desirables are up for grabs. For budding virtual-property moguls, there are land parcels and estates. For universe builders, there are Somnium Worlds, and for collectors there are avatars and vehicles on offer. Furthermore, special genesis edition Admix items will enable Somnium Space dwellers to monetize their property by providing a non-intrusive advertising solution for land parcels.

As mentioned, items will be available on both Ethereum and Solana, taking on a standard auction format where the highest bidder wins. Ethereum-based auctions will take place on OpenSea, and require payment in $ETH via a MetaMask wallet. Alternatively, Solana items will arrive on Holaplex, utilizing the $SOL currency and linking up with Phantom.

Somnium Space has recently diversified its platform, thereby allowing the interaction of Solana NFTs, with a number of further cross-chain solutions coming to the platform over the coming months. Via the use of these new proof of stake blockchains, partakers of the Somnium Space ecosystem can enjoy all the existing benefits, but with faster transactions and greatly reduced gas fees.

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