Somnium Space Introduces Incredible New AR Mode

The NFT Unicorn Somnium-AR Somnium Space Introduces Incredible New AR Mode Metaverse News

The team behind Somnium Space have seriously upped the metaverse game with a spectacular new update. Now, visitors to their digital domain can experience the metaverse in glorious augmented reality.

Any land parcel is viewable from this wonderful new perspective, and this new AR update is accompanied by spatial sound, real-time lighting and is multiplayer enabled.

Furthermore, visitors are not just limited to a digital rendering of the Somnium parcel. Anyone utilizing AR mode will witness the real-time goings on within that area. As a result, you will receive the ethereal feeling of a god as you watch the tiny humans going about their business.

To experience this masterful new component to the Somnium world, simply head to any parcel that takes your interest. Then, click on the “AR” button in the top left corner, and the system will do the rest. This exceptional function is available on phones and tablets, however, don a set of augmented reality classes for the ultimate experience.

See Somnium Space in AR>> Here

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