Pot Loving Hip-Hop Legend Snoop Dogg Joins The Sandbox

The NFT Unicorn Snoop Pot Loving Hip-Hop Legend Snoop Dogg Joins The Sandbox Metaverse News

Everyone’s favourite consummate toker, Snoop Dogg, has of late caused much of a commotion in the NFT world. And now, he is set to take the metaverse by storm with a presence in The Sandbox.

Currently under construction is an epic mansion, a type of cathedral, to all things Snoop. Fans will have the opportunity to party with the legend himself. To this end, 1000 private party passes are available and acquirable through various means.

There are 650 passes for sale on OpenSea, a further 212 come packed with premium lands, and the remaining 138 will arrive to a lucky few via airdrop. A series of Snoop avatars are also heading to The Sandbox marketplace, because what party is complete without the man himself, .

This week, Snoop fed fuel to the rumours that he is the brains behind crypto whale and Twitter persona, Cozomo de’ Medici. An avid collector of NFTs who has a amassed an impressive collection of digital assets valued currently at $17 million.

Whether this latter rumour is true or not remains to be seen. It is reassuring however, to know that the NFT sphere enjoys such esteemed company as the formidable rapper. And, as music, pot, video games and art all integrate perfectly with one another, expect a lot more interaction from Mr Dogg in the future. So, next time you venture into The Sandbox, remember, you could be rubbing shoulders with hip-hop royalty.

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