Polygonal Mind ‘Spaces’ Launch in Decentraland

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Spain-based creative development studio, Polygonal Mind, warmly invites all-comers to the grand unveiling of its new ‘spaces’ in Decentraland. As a vital contributor to Decentraland’s evolution, Polygonal Mind is eager to celebrate its many achievements with its valued supporters.

This new Polygonal Mind realm epitomizes the synergy of blockchain technology, art, and community-building and is poised to redefine our experience of virtual worlds. The Pyramid Realm, its centerpiece, showcases Polygonal Mind’s unparalleled 3D modeling and game development expertise. This architectural marvel is a hub for attendees to explore the company’s diverse projects, engage with beloved artists, participate in interactive experiences, and secure exclusive rewards.

The launch event’s highlights include interacting with the official NPC cutie, a charming non-player character embodying the company’s creative spirit. Guests are also invited to unravel the mystery of #TheEyeCult, an enigmatic group crafted to ignite curiosity and engagement.

In addition, the groundbreaking teleport feature in the Polygonal Mind realm will transform virtual navigation, enabling effortless exploration of the Metaverse. This innovative feature exemplifies the company’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and pushing the boundaries of technology.

Polygonal Mind Launch Event in Decentraland

Scheduled for Wednesday, March 22, 6:00 pm UTC, the launch event promises a vibrant atmosphere, featuring live streams with Polygonal Mind’s CEO, ToxSam, and other gifted artists. Attendees can anticipate a night of exhilarating music by the official DJ, Bufalo, and nostalgic arcade games evoking the charm of retro gaming. Furthermore, Polygonal Mind demonstrates its philanthropic side, allowing attendees to virtually feed the artists and workers, strengthening the connection between the creative team and their dedicated fanbase.

The launch of the Polygonal Mind Realm signifies the growing influence of virtual spaces in our everyday lives and accentuates the boundless potential arising from the fusion of technology, art, and community. The latest development gives Metaverse denizens the opportunity to be part of this captivating celebration and immerse yourself in the art, community, and innovation of the Polygonal Mind realm, making a lasting impression in the virtual world.

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