John Richmond Planning to Design SHIB-Themed Apparels for Shiba Inu Metaverse

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John Richmond calls for suggestions to help it design Shiba Inu-themed apparel for its metaverse users.

Shiba Inu’s clothing line partner John Richmond has called on SHIB community members to suggest their dream outfits they plan on wearing in the SHIB metaverse.

John Richmond asked the SHIB community to share their suggestions in the comment section of the tweet while adding Shiba Inu-related hashtags, including the upcoming L2 network Shibarium.

“Hey there, legends! We want to hear from you what kind of outfit you dream of wearing in the metaverse?”said John Richmond.

Hey there legends!
We want to hear from you what kind of outfit do you dream of wearing in the Metaverse? Share your favorite #JohnRichmond outfit in the comments below and let’s get inspired together#LegendsLiveForever #JohnRichmond #Shiba #Shibarium

— John Richmond (@JRichmondstyle) March 1, 2023

The move is part of an effort to inspire John Richmond to design fascinating Shiba Inu-themed apparel for SHIB: The Metaverse users.

Shiba Inu Supporters Share Their Ideas

SHIB community members took advantage of the opportunity to make their respective suggestions. Reacting to the development, a Twitter user with the username 0xOshi said that having people wear only John Richmond apparel within the metaverse could hurt SHIB: The Metaverse in the long term.

The Twitter user added that he hopes John Richmond better understands Shiba Inu supporters and terminates the idea of having SHIB Metaverse users only wear apparel from the fashion brand.

I think requiring John Richmond clothing to be the only clothing worn in the SHIB metaverse, will, long term, hurt the SHIB metaverse. I hope once you understand #SHIBarmy more and grow as a member of our community, you will cancel that aspect of the contract.

— 0xOshi ✨ (@QomResearch1) March 1, 2023

A SHIB enthusiast said he would like John Richmond to design a cozy jumpsuit with a “Shiba” design inscribed on one side, while the “JR” logo will be at the back of the cloth.

Another user asked John Richmond to design Shiba Inu-themed footwear like boots, sneakers, etc. A Shiba Inu influencer named Shibwhisperer shared a design with the inscription “50% Rock, 50% Roll.”

50% rock / 50% roll 🤘🏻

— shibwhisperer (@shibwhisperer) March 1, 2023

It bears mentioning that John Richmond is yet to indicate interest in any of the suggestions.

Not New

John Richmond has sought fashion design ideas from the Shiba Inu community members. As reported in December 2022, the fashion brand called on SHIB enthusiasts to make suggestions that could help improve its brand.

Following the development, John Richmond disclosed that he is creating different Shiba Inu-themed apparel. Notably, John Richmond inked a partnership deal with Shiba Inu last year to become the cryptocurrency’s clothing line partner.

Since the partnership, John Richmond has bolstered Shiba Inu’s popularity in the fashion world by having models wear SHIB-themed apparel at different fashion events, including last year’s Milan Fashion Week.

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