Incredibuilds – Transforming the Somnium Space Skyline

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So, you just bought your first Somnium Space LAND parcel, and now you want to build a grand edifice, a monument to yourself in the metaverse. Only one problem, you want a castle, cathedral, citadel, but all you can manage is a Soviet-era concrete square. Best then, you give “Incredibuilds” a call.

Featuring the talents of Somnium Space’s finest designers, Djembe Dragonfire and Denevraut, Incredibuilds is an architecture firm for the metaverse. Utilizing their combined expertise, they promise to build you a unique presence in the virtual world.

Without such hinderances as gravity and resources, the architectural duo can build more extravagant creations than their real-world counterparts. Majestic towers spiralling impossibly into the sky, giant animalistic behemoths, anything is possible, no job is too big or too small.

The team will build a professional quality construction with meticulous attention to detail and using the latest technological advances available. Furthermore, happy to accept commissions, Incredibuilds plan to churn out one new creation every two to three weeks. Compare that to the York Minster cathedral, which took 252 years to complete, and that is exceptional.

The first two creations from this artistic duo are up for auction right now on OpenSea. Alternatively, they are viewable in all their glory in Somnium Space on parcels 476 and 615.

Check out Incredibuilds on OpenSea >> Here

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