ETH-MEN Challenges the Biggest Brains in Somnium Space

The NFT Unicorn ETH-MEN ETH-MEN Challenges the Biggest Brains in Somnium Space Metaverse News

Digital action figures, the ETH-MEN are about to liven up Somnium Space with an intergalactic battle of the brains. The no-holds barred intelligence contest will separate the brilliant from the brainless.

Introducing the ETH-MEN trivia night, where a maximum of 42 contestants, split into teams, will battle it out for metaverse supremacy. The battle arena for this worthy contest is ETH-MON’s very own mighty cathedral in Somnium Space. The contest is accessible in both VR and the PC client.

The noble tournament will involve 50 questions set over 5 categories, with combatants providing answers via the Discord server. The event MC will quiz the contestants in areas such as Movies, Music, Geography, Sports, and Art. Participants will have just 10 seconds to answer.

At the end of the quiz, the highest scoring team is crowned “Battle of the Brains Champion.” In the event of a tie, a sudden death question will settle the contest. Consequently, the victors will win boasting rights over the metaverse.

The event takes place in the ETH-MEN venue in Somnium Space on Parcel 2611. It will kick off at 8PM CEST on August 28. Bring your brain, your cunning and a healthy dose of luck.

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