Decorate Your Sandbox LANDs with Japanese Folklore NFTs

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The Sandbox is bringing the magic of Japanese summer festivals to the metaverse. A group of 18 Japanese artists, who are part of the Creator Fund, teamed up to create the Mystical Festival collection, an ode to the Bon dance (a style of dancing to welcome the spirits of the dead) held every summer to express gratitude to the mysterious and sacred levitation power.

There will be 16 NFTs up for sale on The Sandbox Marketplace, four bundles of NFTs on OpenSea, and another 81 NFTs that make up a majestic world filled with various elements, and can be placed on LANDs to create an oriental and Japanese atmosphere. This gives LAND owners the chance to have a ready-made experience to publish and monetize on their LAND.

The 81 NFTs will be auctioned off for 24 hours on OpenSea starting on August 20 at 1PM UTC.

Many of these assets are also lit up with neon lights, and can be used not only in realistic games, but also in party scenes, cyber-fantasy, and science fiction worlds. The NFTs in the collection are deeply rooted in Japenese folklore and have an astoundingly mystical feel to them.

You can find more about each of the 18 artists and their works here.

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