Decentraland Welcomes its Next Generation of Metaverse Builders

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In a stunning display of community engagement, Cominted Labs recently joined forces with Web3 developer, Dogman, to nurture the next generation of Metaverse builders. Together, running a summer training program that helped young developers create their own experience in Decentraland.

Through the program, a team of eager 15-year-olds got to grips with the finer points of Decentraland. Therefore, taking a deep dive into designing and coding a unique experience in the Metaverse, resulting in an immersive digital playground that would put their more seasoned counterparts to shame.

Within the tremendous new location, visitors will find areas to explore as well as an inspired gaming element, all wrapped up in a towering three story medieval gothic style edifice that stretches high into the Decentraland firmament.

Once inside, curious explorers will meet a cavernous classroom complete with video screen and desks, while venturing upwards they will encounter a helpful robot NPC who will guide them into the in-house game. This will manifest as a dicey furniture avoidance simulation where players dodge obstacles and collect coins to record a high score. Meanwhile, a stylish accompanying wearable will give players a helpful points boost.

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