Decentraland Metaverse Architecture Biennale

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Organized by W3rlds, Dearch Space, and Metancy, Decentraland is in on the brink of commencing its inaugural Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB) starting September 21-24.

Under the theme ‘Presence of the Future’, attendees can expect engaging panel discussions, more than 30 futuristic pavilions, live music and parties steered by MetaDJ and Hiroyo, an intriguing carnival merging live funky bass, rap, and AI singers, and more — a total of 60 immersive experiences are preparing to wow all Metaverse fanatics. 

Throughout the four-day event, numerous topics will be up for discussion, ranging from ‘Business of Web3 and Metaverse: Trends, Expectations, and Real Cases’ to ‘The Rise of Digital Fashion: What Can We Learn from the Industry in the Avant-Garde of Web3 Culture.’ Celebrated Web3 pioneers will lead such interactions, including UN Studio, Zaha Hadid, Artisant, MetaTrekkers, and HWKN, among others.

To partake in all events, users must closely follow all integrated links in Decentraland to reach the plaza’s center, whereby all exciting endeavors will seamlessly roll out. These fun-filled activities will also be available on the W3rlds Metaverse. 

The Show Stealers, Reshaping Web3 Architecture

Regardless of the event already sounding appealing, it’s worth noting that ‘The Metaverse Architecture Biennale Pavilions’ are the event’s true spotlight stealers. 

A few pavilions that notably stand out among the rest include ‘The Fragile Pavilion’, which acts as a repository of knowledge and memories and fosters reflection on history’s role in shaping the future. On the other hand, ‘A Meta Odyssey’ explores the merging of craftsmanship and digital modeling in Mixed Reality, while Killa Design’s ‘Presence of The Future’ project innovates Web3 architecture. ‘Beyond the Echoes’ also interestingly models itself after famed artists like Bosch and Kandinsky, challenging the intersections between art and architecture.

All of these pavilions reshape the boundaries of Web3 architecture — as do the other captivating happenings worth exploring. Thanks to the Decentraland Metaverse Architecture Biennale, it’s nearly time to witness a future whereby blockchain-based creativity has no bounds. Not forgetting, on top of MAB, Decentraland has a yearly calendar of other virtual marvels in store. 

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