Decentraland Innovates Once Again with New ‘Places’ Feature

The NFT Unicorn Decentraland-Innovates-Once-Again-with-New-‘Places-Feature Decentraland Innovates Once Again with New ‘Places’ Feature Metaverse News

While folks throughout crypto lick their wounds and steady their nerves, the mighty Decentraland has continued to innovate. Now, launching the exceptional ‘Decentraland Places’ feature to help metaverse explorers navigate the voxel plains.

Through the new update, those looking to join in the Decentraland fun can now reference the handy new directory. Essentially, providing an overview of all the venues currently operating the space. While also including vital parcel data to ensure users can find the hottest experiences in town.

Within its sleek interface, Decentraland has included the number of active users within each parcel. Therefore, ensuring anyone using the platform can locate the most interesting parcels at any given time. While also providing an overview of the highest-rated, recently added points of interest to aid visitors on their grand Metaverse journey.

To use the new function, players can simply head to the ‘Places’ tab on the Decentraland website. Then, navigate through its highly intuitive feature to find the perfect destination to jump into the Metaverse. Therefore, making a virtual space easier and more rewarding than ever before!

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