Decentraland goes to the dogs as Pedigree brings canine adoption to the metaverse

The NFT Unicorn c7768ce0b17ccceada40534d0271df8f1527a15a Decentraland goes to the dogs as Pedigree brings canine adoption to the metaverse Metaverse News

You can now foster a real-life dog in the metaverse.

Pet food company Pedigree unveiled the Fosterverse, a new program that allows real-life rescue dogs to be virtually fostered in Decentraland. Property owners in the virtual world, of which there are less than 8,000, will be able upload 3D avatars based on real dogs that are up for adoption.

Landowners will then be able to place the dogs on their lots in Decentraland and should you come across one, you can chat with and adopt the real rescue dog the avatar represents or donate real-life money to the Pedigree Foundation to help similar dogs in need, though not necessarily the virtual dog you interacted with.

“As the first brand to bring adoptable dogs to the metaverse, we are proud to be at the forefront of this new virtual reality, supporting our ambition to end pet homelessness,” said Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of marketing for Mars Petcare North America, Pedigree’s parent company.

The announcement is the latest attempt by corporations and other groups to boost their marketing with metaverse integrations: Oreo recently launched the Oreoverse and Hyundai offers a “Mobility Adventure” on Roblox.

Last year, frozen food firm McCain’s launched a potato farming game that teaches children about regenerative farming. Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum launched its global collaboration village, where its says organizations can take action on the world’s most pressing challenges.

Source: Crypto News