Decentraland Debuts Pioneering ‘Worlds’ Feature

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As the industry matures, more innovative concepts continue to emerge from pioneering Metaverse projects. Effectively, stretching the bounds of possibility and adding more versatility to an ever growing entertainment medium. One of these early trailblazers comes in the shape of Decentraland, which recently announced the beta version of its new ‘Worlds’ feature.

As the official announcement explained, Decentraland’s ‘Worlds’ feature will offer private 3D virtual spaces for users in possession of a NAME NFT. All existing outside the confines of Decentraland’s core environment of Genesis City. 

Enter a New World

One of the interesting aspects of this new project is the fact that users who own a Decentraland NAME NFT can access it for free. NAME NFTs typically cost 100 MANA and can be bought in the Decentraland marketplace and assigned to users’ LAND or avatars. However, they do not need to already own LAND due to Decentraland’s objective to promote activity among its users. 

As a result of this new endeavor, Worlds will “lower the barriers to becoming a DCL creator, ultimately facilitating the continued growth and enrichment of the Decentraland platform”. 

Once users have created their Worlds, they can host their own events within them. In addition, each World can span up to 5 parcels and hold up to 100 users at a time. Given how much the Metaverse has grown and the diversity of events held within them, this feature has the potential to spark a new wave of activity within the Decentraland ecosystem. 

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