Decentraland Debuts Nifty New ‘Set Home’ Feature

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Pioneering open world, Decentraland, has introduced a nifty new ‘Set Home’ feature to its platform. Now, visitors to the virtual destination can set their own user specific spawn co-ordinates and arrive in style to their preferred location.

Going forwards, plucky metaverse adventurers can roam the lands in search of a destination that speaks to the soul. Then, declare that area through the simple to use UI, setting it as their destination of choice in Decentraland. Be it, a pleasant meadow, virtual casino, or raging party venue.

To get up and running, users just need to navigate to their preferred location. Then, select the drop-down menu just below the map in the top left corner. Wherein, they can simply toggle on the ‘Set Home’ switch, and hey presto the new spawn point will take effect.

The new ‘Set Home’ function will exist purely at browser or client level however. Meaning that upon switching programs or devices, Decentraland will not import the saved home data. So, visitors to the platform will essentially need to set a new spawn point for each one.

So, head off on that latest Decentraland escapade and give the new feature a whirl!

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