CryptoVoxels Launches Early Version App on Google Play Store

The NFT Unicorn Voxels CryptoVoxels Launches Early Version App on Google Play Store Metaverse News

The CryptoVoxels team has introduced a new feature to the metaverse with the arrival of the CryptoVoxels app on Google Play store. 

This fantastic advancement however, is still in its infancy and is therefore not entirely perfect. Loading is a little slow, and the app is known to crash from time to time. Despite this, the graphics are crisp and the UI is simple to use. And overall, it’s a welcome addition to the CryptoVoxels arsenal.

Acknowledging that its early days and there is a lot of content missing, the CryptoVoxels team is eager to hear about user experiences. They have opened a communications channel and encourage feedback, suggestions and bug reporting. In the end, it’s hard not to share CryptoVoxels enthusiasm for the project.

With this new feature, users will never again be far separated from the CryptoVoxels universe and as such, can now enter the virtual realm at every opportunity. Going forward, the team aim to use the same code base to build Oculus Quest and IOS versions of the application.

Download the app at Google Play store >> Here

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