Cryptovoxels Goes Carbon Neutral with Offsetra Partnership

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Mighty metaverse, Cryptovoxels, has proudly announced an ongoing pledge to tackle climate change. Consequently, the blockchain-based virtual world has so far offset 1,528 tons of carbon dioxide.

In order to ensure its eco-friendly credentials are up to scratch, Cryptovoxels has collaborated with environmentalists Offsetra. With their help, the esteemed metaverse has negated the damage caused by the blockchain that powers it, resulting in a carbon neutral platform that users can engage in with confidence.

Through Offsetra, Cryptovoxels has funded a number of climate-saving initiatives, including forestry projects in Brazil and Belize and wind farms in Honduras. It has managed to effectively calculate the power consumption required to run the platform and taken the necessary actions to counteract its impact on the physical world.

So far, Cryptovoxels contribution has scrubbed 1,528 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. In real terms, that’s the equivalent of 134,982 Ethereum transactions, driving 3,820,000 miles (6 million Km). Or, eating 382,000 cheeseburgers.

Offsetra is a company that allows people who engage in power hungry activities to negate the damage they cause to the environment, achieving this by embarking on worthwhile ventures such as renewable energy and forest building. Essentially, funding projects that have a positive impact on the planet.

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