CrossSpace Announces Partnership with TOZ Universe, Enhancing Web3 Metaverse

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CrossSpace, a leading platform in the realm of social mining and content investment, has recently unveiled an exciting partnership with TOZ Universe. It is an innovative Web3 community Metaverse featuring the renowned Anipang IP. This partnership is promising for both platforms and will boost user experiences and global Web3 networks.

We are super excited to partner with TOZ Universe, a Web3 community metaverse that includes the 3D Profile Avatar (PFA) “FAM NFT” and the metaverse space “ANIPANG WORLD.”

We will unlock a whole new world of NFTs & Sogafi!!!

Check partnership…

— CrossSpace Official ⚛️ (@CSpaceOfficial) March 15, 2024

TOZ Universe Leads Web3 with FAM NFTs and ANIPANG WORLD

TOZ Universe stands a pioneer in Web3 site. It provides access to a changing Metaverse with the 3D Profile Avatar (PFA) “FAM NFT” and the realistic world “ANIPANG WORLD.” TOZ Universe promotes Web3 community values. FAM NFTs allow users to express themselves. These unique digital assets make up ANIPANG WORLD. They can easily become avatars for Metaverse exploration, socializing, and other fun activities.

By collaborating on marketing projects, CrossSpace and TOZ Universe hope to strengthen their communities and expand Web3 networks. Both platforms want to promote Web3 technologies and increase usage. They collaborate on campaigns and projects.

Encouraging useful interactions between CrossSpace and TOZ Universe is a key partnership goal. By simplifying information, idea, and resource sharing, both platforms hope to improve Web3 user experience. This collaboration illustrates the importance of community-driven participation in decentralized platform development.

CrossSpace and TOZ Universe collaborate to improve global networks and increase brand awareness because they want Web3 technologies to improve. Both platforms hope to reach more people and make cross-platform interaction easier by partnering. This will boost Web3 innovation and growth.

CrossSpace and TOZ Universe Lead Global Web3 Innovation

CrossSpace, nicknamed “SoGaFi” for its social, gaming, and Web3 finance features, is still changing how content creators make money and interact with audiences. CrossSpace offers content mining, gamified PvP competitions, and more ways to make money.

Vertex Ventures and IVC seed investments in 2022 helped CrossSpace establish itself in Web3. A second round of funding valued the company at $25 million in early 2024. This major advance shows that the platform is still growing and popular. It allows more Web3 ecosystem innovations and partnerships, which are always changing.

Interestingly, CrossSpace and TOZ Universe’s dynamic partnership will shape Web3 technologies. Both platforms aim to empower users, engage communities, and promote global innovation using their unique strengths and resources. The Web3 landscape is constantly changing, and partnerships like these demonstrate how decentralized platforms can transform the digital economy.

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