Cipriani Joins The Sandbox Alpha Season 4

The NFT Unicorn The-Sandbox-Alpha-Season-4-Explores-Italys-Elegance-with-Cipriani Cipriani Joins The Sandbox Alpha Season 4 Metaverse News

The Sandbox — one of the world’s most famous Metaverse platforms — is over the moon to announce the Italian hospitality icon, Cipriani, is joining Alpha Season 4. This collaboration bring the quintessential and elegant Italian lifestyle to the immersive virtual world.

Players can meet notable members from the Cipriani family while roaming through Venice’s romantic streets to explore the home of the all-time favourite cocktail, Bellini. Adding to the experience is the iconic Cipriani Wall Street Ballroom, a renowned real-world landmark homage to grand events like fashion shows, concerts, and masquerade balls. Users can experience the ballroom as they would in everyday life, with the first event on Cipriani’s LAND being ‘The Masquerade.’ Visitors can dance to alluring music, meet new people, and get lost in bespoke Cipriani experiences while adorning beautifully crafted masquerade masks.

To discover Cipriani’s whereabouts, the Italian hospitality company’s LAND is suitably positioned in the fashionable Galleria neighborhood on The Sandbox map. Launched in December 2022, the community is the hub of media, fashion, and hospitality brands, making it the ideal spot to lose oneself in Cipriani experiences.

Upcoming Adventures on The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 4

When The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 4 debuts, players adventuring through Venice’s pebble streets will be welcomed with another unique experience. The legendary 1930s bar, Harry’s Bar — best known for gathering painters, aristocrats, artists, and even royalty — will serve up the famous Bellini cocktail to celebrate its recently celebrated 92nd anniversary. All virtual bar attendees can enjoy a state-of-the-art gaming experience accompanying an NFT drop.

The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 4 guarantees a unique voyage into the past, offering a truly immersive experience for all devotees of Italian craftsmanship and design to enjoy out-of-the-ordinary cultural and historical experiences. So, join The Sandbox to partake in these upcoming quests and socialize with a Bellini in hand from the comfort of your own home.

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