Cellist Brings Live Instruments to Somnium Space

The NFT Unicorn Metaveo Cellist Brings Live Instruments to Somnium Space Metaverse News

Rather quietly and without much pomp and ceremony, talented musician and composer, Metaveo, is working on bringing live music to the VR metaverse.

In a series of Twitter posts, Metaveo is documenting his journey of bringing cello playing to Somnium Space. A sequence of images shows him sat on a small chair, cello in hand, sporting a pair of VR goggles, while his digital self sits in an epic virtual concert hall. Assuming that eyes are important while playing any instrument, conclusions report that this is no mean feat.

The esteemed cellist is aided in his venture by VR vocalist Djembe Dragonfire and his ample concert hall, Sky City.  As such, this mighty venue provides the perfect outlet for his music endeavours. Commenting on the rehearsal, Metaveo noted his size in comparison to the grand stage. However, he also pointed out that “I should make myself taller, I guess”. Because, in this virtual world, we are not governed by the limitations of our surroundings.

Live singers and karaoke are becoming a staple of the metaverse, however, actual instruments will take the concert experience to the next level. And, with the likes of Djembe Dragonfire guiding musicians through the complicated technical side to things, expect a full VR concert sometime soon.

Sky City is located in parcel 476 of Somnium Space. And if you’re lucky, you may spot Metaveo perfecting his set.

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