Cannabis Club to Host Most Relaxed Event in the Metaverse

The NFT Unicorn CCC Cannabis Club to Host Most Relaxed Event in the Metaverse Metaverse News

Metaverse stoners, the Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC), are throwing a huge ganja-themed party in Decentraland. The spectacular event will build up to the latest CCC drop, the arrival of the much-anticipated plant reveal.

The grandiose baked-bash will take place in the Vegas City skate park and will involve a whole host of weed-based shenanigans. With this in mind, 101 NFTokers will grace the venue, Decentraland wearables dropped to token holders, and 10 branded skateboards the subject of a giveaway. Additionally, a music score will provide a soundtrack of presumably reggae.

Each NFToker holder will receive the equivalent digital weed plant. As an additional NFT asset, the plants will provide a breeding mechanic to the community as green-fingered hedonists compete to grow the best strains and trade the fruits of their labour on the open market.

Cannabis-themed celebrations will commence at 4:20PM UTC on September 9.

Join the party in Decentraland >> Here

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